The art process

What paint, tools or equipment do you use?

With all of my online content I try to list what I am using in the description, often with a hashtag. My YouTube videos also list in the description what I am using in each as well.

A current list of my traditional tools - pens, paint and paper can be found in a list here.

For digital artwork, I paint in Photoshop on a Cintiq and use an assortment of brushes including watercolor ones from Kyle T. Webster as well as my own textures.

If none of these answer your questions feel free to pop into the Discord over on my Patreon!


How do you crate your colored lines in your art? Why do your lines not bleed?

I use waterproof inks and apply several methods to create colored lines in my art:

  1. Using colored Zig Writer pens that are waterproof.

  2. Digitally ink my piece and print it out onto watercolor paper using a pigment-ink-based printer.


The Art Shop

How is artwork shipped?

Original Framed Artwork - All framed original artwork is shipped in a protective frame box or bubble wrap with additional padding to protect the artwork. The framed artwork is then packed into a larger box with ample padding.

Books & Prints - All art books are shipped in envelopes with reinforcement. Prints are shipped rolled in mailing tubes or in flat mailers depending on size.


Do you accept returns? What if something is wrong with my order?

Because my items are made-to-order, currently at this time I am not taking returns.

If your item arrives damaged or something is missing from your shipment please contact me as soon as possible so we can work to get things resolved!


What are your shipping rates?

Shipping rates will vary depending on what items you are checking out with because they are calculated individually based on weight and dimensions. The most accurate rate estimate I can recommend is viewing the “shipping” section in checkout once you have your items in the cart.

For international customers here is a rough chart of what you can expect to pay based on weight and current postal rates.


Commissions & Freelance

Is your work available for licensing?

Yes, here is a gallery of work available for licensing. Please contact me to discuss options and terms for your project.


Do you take client work?

Currently I am being very selective with what work I take on outside of my own projects. If you feel like your project would be a good fit with my current body of work please contact me.


Can I commission a painting from you?

Right now I am not taking on private commissions.


Please note that I retain all rights to all the artwork I create, this includes all of the artwork here on my site and covers all artwork regardless of if you've commissioned a painting from me or purchased an original or a print.